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Frequently Ask Questions

As a courtesy we will offer a one time work order request to open your room during day time hours. In the event you lock yourself out after hours, place a work order for a maintenance request on our website.  A $40.00 charge will apply for after hour service. Do not force entry as it will cause damage to the door and lock.
Make sure that the thermostat is set on the correct settings, heat or cool. The fan should be set on Auto. Check that the vent in your room is open for proper air flow. Ensure that windows or the sliding door is closed so that the HVAC unit can perform efficiently. If the problem persists, place a work order on our website for a maintenance request.
As part of our courtesy service we will plunge your toilet. You should invest in a plunger for your bathroom in case the toilet needs immediate plunging. Note: Dollar Store plungers are not good quality and probably will not be as effective as the one from a Hardware Store. Avoid over filling the toilet with toilet paper. Do not throw Q-tips, paper towels, feminine product or anything that is not designed to be flushed in a toilet. If you are not able to unclog the toilet, place a work order on our website for a maintenance request and one of our maintenance repair will come the next business day.
One of the main reasons for loss of power is that a breaker has tripped. This occurs when a circuit is over-loaded due to having connected too many electrical devices. Before you decide to call in for a maintenance try the following to rest the breaker in the panel located in your living area. aaaaa
  • Unplug all your electronics and turn off the lights.
  • Go to the electrical panel and run your finger down the breakers. There will be one that will move to the middle position when tripped. It will feel a little looser / spring action than the remaining breakers. This means the breaker has tripped.
  • Push the breaker to the OFF position and back to the ON position. The breaker should appear the same as the remaining breakers.
  • Avoid plugging in too many electronics that will overload the breaker. This should stop tripping the breaker again.
If you were unsuccessful in resetting the breaker place a work order for a maintenance request on our website under “Work Orders”.
We are open to renting to both groups and individuals.
Yes.  We will supply all the forms required and assist you to make the sublet simple and easy. All forms are available to you on our website under “Forms”. You will have to fill out the Sublet Request Form and submit it to our office.  We advise you enter into a "Sublet Agreement" with the Subletter. The Subletter shall pay rent directly to you. Forward a copy of the Sublet Agreement to our office for our records. You should keep a copy for yourself. You will continue to be responsible for the Lease of the room. We will continue to deposit your rent installments according to the Lease Agreement.
By this time, all paperwork required for renting the apartment will be completed.  Your responsibility of the rental apartment begins. Our staff will provide you with all the keys for the building, apartment and your room. You will be free to settle in and acquaint yourself with the amenities. Our office staff will email you a reminder notice associated to your rental arrangements prior to move-in. This will help your move-in experience be smooth.  This is a busy time. If you have any questions prior or during move-in, email us and our staff will respond in a timely fashion.
No. Smoking in not allowed in the apartments, balconies, or 10 feet of the rental premise. It is stated in your lease that smoking is not permitted. The City of Waterloo has a strict by-law in place for smoking.
Pets are not allowed on the Rented Premises as a courtesy to the reasonable enjoyment of other tenants in the property.
Yes. We advise you get renters insurance. Renter's Insurance assures you that you're protected against the damage or loss of personal property from theft or fire when you rent the apartment. Check your parent / guardian’s extended coverage under his or her home insurance policy.
You may go on our website and choose Maintenance Request. Someone from our Maintenance Staff will contact you during business hours. If the repair is deemed an emergency (i.e. leak, heat, electrical) we will remedy the problem as quickly as possible, even afterhours.
Parking is on a first come first serve basis. During the application process, ask the Leasing Agent for availability. You will be required to fill out a Parking Rental Agreement. We rent the parking spots by term in convenient 4 month rental periods. Fall – September to December Winter – January to April Spring – May to August
As a Tenant, you are responsible for hydro. Cable, and telephone are optional if you choose these services. It is the responsibility of all Tenants within an apartment to come to an agreement for their share and make arrangements for setting up utilities. Go to our link page on our website for Waterloo Hydro contact number.
Included in your rent, the Landlord will pay for hot and cold water, gas heating of your apartment, garbage removal, snow removal, landscaping, and cleaning of hallways, and 24 hr camera surveillance monitoring. You will have access to the Bike Room, Social Lounge, Study Rooms, Game Room, and Fitness Room. Free unlimited High Speed Internet is included, access to Wi-fi and VIP Cable TV in all the common areas in the building. Complimentary in-suite front loading laundry is included, that’s a $40.00 savings per month to you ($10.00 per week X 4 weeks = $40.00 savings per month!).
The Pre-Move-In Inspection form is a checklist verifying the condition of the rental apartment, and identifies any needs for repair or to document anything in the suite. This is usually completed prior to occupancy.
The rent is due the 1st of every month. The following flexible payment options may be used; cash, debit, certified cheque, and email money transfer. Payment options are finalized during signing of the Lease Agreement for your convince.
Please contact us for suite configurations, applicable rents, and availability.
Yes. Each suite is fully furnished. Each bedroom is outfitted with a full size double bed extra-long length, wardrobe closet, two 2-drawer storage, desk and office chair. Each bedroom is equipped with a complete private ensuite bathroom. Every room has access to an Ethernet port for FREE High Speed Internet or Wi-fi capabilities. The living area consists of a sofa, arm chair, coffee table, side table, HD flat screen TV, and bar stools in the eat-in kitchen (seating configurations may vary between suites). All kitchens are outfitted with stainless steel appliances; which consists of a Full size 20 cubic foot fridge, full size stove, tall tub dishwasher, and microwave. All suites include complementary in-suite laundry facilities (front load washer and dryer). Select over-sized room include private kitchenettes which are outfitted with stainless steel mini-fridge and microwave.
You need to bring personal items such as cooking utensils, cutlery, bed linens, blankets, pillows, clothes hangers, garbage containers, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene supplies. You may also want to bring an iron, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, coffee maker, and toaster.