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What should I do if I lose power in my room?

One of the main reasons for loss of power is that a breaker has tripped. This occurs when a circuit is over-loaded due to having connected too many electrical devices. Before you decide to call in for a maintenance try the following to rest the breaker in the panel located in your living area. aaaaa
  • Unplug all your electronics and turn off the lights.
  • Go to the electrical panel and run your finger down the breakers. There will be one that will move to the middle position when tripped. It will feel a little looser / spring action than the remaining breakers. This means the breaker has tripped.
  • Push the breaker to the OFF position and back to the ON position. The breaker should appear the same as the remaining breakers.
  • Avoid plugging in too many electronics that will overload the breaker. This should stop tripping the breaker again.
If you were unsuccessful in resetting the breaker place a work order for a maintenance request on our website under “Work Orders”.

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